Daily Little Big Planet 2: sanctum

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I don’t watch movie previews and I don’t understand people who do. I like to be surprised. One of the great things about playing the community levels in LBP2 is that this sense of potential surprise is perpetual. I hate to invoke a ridiculous Academy Award winning picture about a lucky half-wit, but these levels are like a box of a certain kind of candy. A lot of the time this means you’ll be biting into some terrible orange-chocolate abomination. That’s okay though. Knowing you’re going to find the rare dark chocolate filled with caramel from time-to-time makes it worth it.

Today’s level is one of those. It totally surprised me. It started off rather snoringly, with the only slight bit of interest being jumping pads installed on a bed, which I thought was a cute development. Not terribly interesting, but cute. So I took a picture of me jumping on a bed as a safety. I went on autopilot as the level seemed a rather vanilla bubble-collection exercise.

Then I got to the water.


I’ve played only a small percentage of the story of LBP2 so far, so I have no idea how swimming works in the story levels, if it does at all. Today’s level was the first time I really got to explore how my sackboy would deal with prolonged submersion. I’ve got to tell you, after a few happy moments jumping on a bed, I wasn’t expecting that. Nor was I expecting to experience some of those jittery sweaty-palm moments operating the controller in a goofy community level. But I did here.