Clicking Bad is the game Grand Theft Auto V wasn’t bad enough to include

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There are a few things missing from Grand Theft Auto V. A playable ingame MMO, for instance. Why can’t Franklin sit in front of a computer to grind away at some fictional fantasy world? I’m not at all joking. I am 100% serious. After all, he spent enough time and money with an online self-help program he found in GTA V’s fake internet. You guys did that bit, right? I can’t be the only one who fell for it. Spoiler: I got a T-shirt for my trouble.

But the main thing missing from Grand Theft Auto V is the ability to run a drug empire, similar to what you could do in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. Trevor has the equipment, material resources, and personnel to cook meth and I’m sure some of those layabouts in Shady Shores would be eager customers. Furthermore, the TV show Breaking Bad means cooking meth is something we all want to do. But for whatever reason, Rockstar has denied us. Maybe with DLC.

Until then, there’s Clicking Bad, a full-blown meth empire simulation that doesn’t quite offer the same level of graphics as Grand Theft Auto V.

(Thanks, Kelly Wand!)