August 26: wallet threat level green

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Square-Enix re-releases Final Fantasy XIV. In case you can’t keep the Final Fantasies straight, this is the one that’s an MMO. It’s aptly subtitled “A Realm Reborn” because the informal “version 2.0” makes it sound like something Tron. I’m a card-carrying Lost Planet 2 fanboi, but I have zero hope Lost Planet 3 is anything other than a throwaway sequel. Developer Spark Unlimited, who had nothing to do with Lost Planet 2, is known for a console port of the original Call of Duty and then two shooters you’ve never heard of. For Lost Planet 3, they apparently thought it was important that you see the character’s faces (pictured). Suda 51’s Killer is Dead is the “spiritual sequel” (i.e. published by someone who doesn’t have the rights) to Killer 7 and No More Heroes. Unfortunately, the Suda 51 brand, as it were, hasn’t been a reliable bullet point for a game since 2005. Finally, basketball fans will be delighted that Madden 2.5 is available.