Disney Infinity hopes kids loved The Lone Ranger

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I haven’t played the Skylanders money-printing factory, but the resident Qt3 authority on the subject speaks highly of it. And I can’t help but admire the immense kid appeal every time I see the displays in a Gamestop. The idea is that the game comes with a stand that you plug into your console system. When you play the game, you play with whatever figures (mostly sold separately) are physically placed on the stand.

So I can only imagine how much Disney is going to clean up with their own Skylanders, which comes out this Sunday. It’s aptly named Disney Infinity, which seems appropriate given the wealth of characters available from all things Disney and its extended family at Marvel, Star Wars, and ABC. Power Rangers, Ty Burrell from Modern Family, Sandra Oh from Grey’s Anatomy, Hurley from Lost. The possibilities are — dare I say? — infinite.

So when I was last at Gamestop, I asked the dude at the counter about the Disney Infinity figures available at launch. He referred me to a display with a sad little collection consisting of three Pixar properties (The Incredibles, Cars, Monsters Inc) and two Bruckheimer movies (The Lone Ranger and Pirates of the Caribbean). Really, Disney? That’s how you’re leading? Not even a lowly Boba Fett, Wolverine, or Donald Duck?