Guncraft flunks physics

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Guncraft combines the world-building of Minecraft with the combat of Call of Duty, complete with classes, perks, vehicles, and a horde mode. It’s an admirable hybrid in many ways, assuming you can find other people playing, because it’s got no bots except the literal ones that run at you in horde mode.

But for all its admirable hybridization, I can’t help but feel crushing disappointment — or not crushing, as the case may be — when I blow away all the walls of a building and the roof just hovers there. Pictured, of course. Gravity is a crucial part of destructibility. Breaking things is only half the fun. The other half is watching them fall.

And to dash even more water on your hopes for grand destruction — or to not dash water on them, as the case may be — check out what also won’t happen after the link.


There’s a vast lake you can swim in behind that dam. Go ahead and blow away bits of the dam with the nearby tank. But I’m sorry to tell you that Guncraft either hasn’t seen Force 10 from Navarone or doesn’t understand fluid dynamics.

Guncraft is out tomorrow, but don’t pay too much attention to my whinging about its lack of collapsing and flooding. It’s pretty cool in some important ways that I’ll talk about once I’ve accepted its limited physics. But I wish games — big, small, indie, and otherwise — would stop acting like Red Faction: Guerrilla never happened. It’s been four years. Hovering roofs should be a thing of the past.