When god mode isn’t godly

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In the new Rise of the Triad, cheesing the powerups in multiplayer is pretty easy. That’s great news if you want to memorize the map layouts and cycle through the powerups to befuddle your opponents. It’s not so great if you’re one of the guys spawning in with a pistol and a confused look on your face as a glowing god blows you apart with a hand wave.

Interceptor Entertainment has heard the complaints. Frederik Schreiber, the game’s director and CEO of the company, has posted a state of the game update in which he acknowledges that issue and details the ways they may fix it.

First of all, we are going to nerf God Mode.

In the next update, God Mode will only spawn once every 5 minutes, and only last for 10 seconds.

We are also thinking about having it spawn in 1 of 5 hidden areas, at a random spot, in every match, to avoid God mode campers.

Making the powerup spawn in random spots will probably help, but the fix Apogee offered in the old game was more basic and complete. The 1994 version just allowed the host to customize whether or not powerups would spawn at all. That was back in the day when multiplayer was something people did for fun rather than permanent leaderboard stats.

Schreiber also admitted that the sub-par performance some users are experiencing may be due to the way the game was built to accomodate easier modding. He says Interceptor is committed to working on various methods to mitigating the framerate issues.