Marvel Heroes’ language filter will protect you from Paula Deen

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It’s not easy to get a group going in Marvel Heroes, partly because you rarely need to get a group going. You’re mostly put into groups as needed. But there are occasions that you really want a good group, particularly for post-story content like the red terminal missions. These have really hard-hitting enemies and better loot. But it seems like many Marvel Heroes players are content to just burn through content way below their level. I guess that’s how superheroes work in real life.

So after trying to encourage random folks to stick with me — there’s no way I can do the red terminal missions alone — I finally cobbled a group together and leaped into the mission, hoping they would follow me and not be too discouraged by the difficulty level. After we got past our first encounter, hoping to offer some encouragement to my new companions, I typed in “Now we’re cookin’!” To my horror, here’s how it turned out in the chat window:


I can only imagine what they must have thought I typed.