What’s in Deadly Premonition’s cup of coffee?

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Deadly Premonition is one of those odd little games that has developed a cult following since its first publication on the Xbox 360 in 2010. The game quickly became a meme generator thanks to Japanese developer Access Games’ take on Twin Peaks as seen through a hilariously wonky cultural filter. It’s not exactly a good game, but it is odd and funny (sometimes unintentionally so) and you can tell that Access Games really loved the project.

The PS3 got Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut in April which added some material and spruced up the controls, but it still hasn’t been released on PC. That may finally change thanks to publisher Rising Star Games. Deadly Premonition is on Steam Greenlight looking for enough votes to get into the store. The PC version promises to have additional content beyond the PS3 goodies.

– A surprising new scenario from the game’s director, Hidetaka ‘Swery’ Suehiro
– Enhanced HD graphics with new textures
– Reworked control system allowing for an even better combat experience
– Downloadable content to expand the mystery beyond the original game
– New bonus DLC exclusive to the PC version!
– Steam achievements and trading cards

Take a relaxing drive through Greenvale and have a cup of coffee at the local diner. If you have the time, maybe you can find out who is killing everyone in town?