Minecraft gets a China that never was. Also, beets.

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The Chinese Mythology Mash-Up expansion pack is coming to Minecraft: Console Edition on October 4th. Unlike most of the official DLC bits for the console version of Mojang’s building game, this new pack features a pre-made world instead of just dumping themed assets into a random setting. The Chinese Mythology Mash-Up is built around the kind of imagery you’d expect in a blocky recreation of Journey to the West. Serpentine dragons, jade columns, and pandas everywhere. The game’s user interface even changes within the DLC to imperial red and gold. Minecraft: Console Edition will also be updated for free on October 4th with polar bears, beets, craftable banners, and new arctic biomes.

The Pocket and Windows 10 versions of Minecraft are getting some love as well. The Boss Update tweaks some boss monsters in the game and presents Add-Ons, a feature meant for tinkerers. Add-Ons allow players to adjust game values, mix effects, and even create scenarios like a castle siege or an alien invasion. The Boss Update will launch on October 18th.