Those dirty Gnashbladers better wake up and stop ruining the country

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Left or right? Main street or Wall street? Security or liberty? You’ll have the chance to take a political stand in the upcoming Cutthroat Politics update for Guild Wars 2. The Living World update will feature two characters vying for a spot on the Captain’s Council of Lion’s Arch.

Evon Gnashblade and Ellen Kiel are trying to work out a trade agreement with the Zephyr Sanctum in order to help them secure a spot on the Captain’s Council of Lion’s Arch. Use Support Tokens and coins to help out your candidate of choice!

The winning candidiate will enact a set of rulings based on their platform that will benefit players in the game. If Gnashblade wins, Black Lion Keys will be discounted in the in-game store, while Kiel promises to reduce waypoint travel prices if she’s elected.

As with previous updates, new items and activities will be added to the game for the duration. Cutthroat Politics will go live on July 23rd.