Act of Aggression is going once more unto the breach

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Act of Aggression, Eugen Systems’s disappointing throwback RTS, is getting a literal reboot. Although hotly anticipated for its old-school Command & Conquer: Generals sensibilities, Act of Aggression was not well received when it launched in late 2015. The confusing and complicated resource system, indistinguishable units, and bland factions proved to be too much to ask of its audience. The multiplayer community drifted away. Rather than blame marketing or entitled gamers, the developers have taken a hard look at what happened and come up with a solution to get back on track. Eugen has announced Act of Aggression: Reboot Edition, a standalone do-over that they promise fixes “most, if not all” of the things that turned the fans away.

Thanks to today’s ease of delivering patches and content to keep games alive, we had the opportunity to take Act of Aggression back to the drawing board. And that’s exactly what we have been doing. We’ve been busy identifying the reasons behind the less positive reviews: what we did wrong, what we failed to deliver, and what was expected from us. And, more importantly, what could be done about it.

A few of the changes in the new version of the game include simplifying the economy down to one resource, changing the construction queue to up-front payments, and improving the look and animations of units. Owners of Act of Aggression will get the Reboot Edition added to their Steam library for free when it goes live. Before then, players will be able to opt-in to a test version to help the developers nail things down.