End of Nations’ rebirth shows that some things should just end

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End of Nations was going to be a free-to-play RTS developed by Petroglyph that had a near-future setting with gameplay reminiscent of Command & Conquer. In December 2012, publisher Trion Worlds decided that the game’s progress wasn’t where it should’ve been so they removed Petroglyph from the project, refunded gamers that spent money in the closed beta, and took the game’s development in-house.

End of Nations is back – in a way. It’s now another MOBA.

End of Nations is a tactical MOBA where your success on the battlefield depends on the heroes and units you command and quick decision making in the heat of combat. Dominate during team-based matches and catapult your commander to the top of the ranks.

The change to a MOBA is part of a “drastic overhaul” according to the executive producer, Scot Lane.