Listen up, developers! People demand next-gen grass in their games.

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Apparently, some people’s decision on whether to get Grand Theft Auto V for the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4 hinged on the amount of grass on the ground. No, really. This is what we’ve become. It was enough of a dust-up that Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry took the time to compare the two versions’ grass and the impact of that on gameplay. (Spoiler: It doesn’t matter.) Not one to be outdone, we wanted to take a look at how other games render those wispy blades of green.

After the jump, who has the best grass?


What the fuck is this? A bad joke at the expense of gamers? There’s no grass at all here. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare doesn’t care about grass and therefore doesn’t care about your hard-earned dollar. Kevin Spacey would be ashamed!


Hey, Assassin’s Creed Unity! Stop rendering so many people and maybe you’d be able to throw some grass around Paris.


Now that’s what I’m talking about! Ironically, given Assassin’s Creed Unity’s poor showing, Ubisoft’s just-launched Far Cry 4 seems to have some pretty decent grass. We’re not at jungle-level like Far Cry 3, but it’s the best we’re probably going to get in the mountains of Kyrat.


Okay, so Destiny has some decent ground cover. It looks natural, has some depth, and makes me want to bust out the Lawnboy. But… It’s on Venus. Disqualified! Your skanky alien grass ain’t enough to get you into this race, Bungie. Go back to seeding Covenant artifacts or whatever.


Come on Just Cause 2! You’re barely in the game. Nice try on attempting to distract us with explosions and Bolo Santosi, but we can see your fake-ass past-gen grass all scattered on the ground. That’s not Fine Fescue, Kentucky Blue, or even plain old Bent Rye. Get back to us with Just Cause 3 and we’ll see if you’re serious about the things gamers want.


Farming Simulator 15 from Giants Software knows what’s up. Look at that green! Flowers and shit all up in there to boot! I can almost feel the hay fever watering my eyes. We’re not 100% where we need to be, but we’re damn close.


Finally, Grass Simulator, seems to have the lockdown on what’s really important. Grass for days! Just look at it. Standing tall and proud, vibrantly green, this grass is the standard for all other games to live up to. Winner, winner, alfalfa dinner!