Earn valuable rewards in Guild Wars 2

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Among the many useless things in Guild Wars 2 is the above pet I found during the Dragon Bash ceremony. It popped out of one of the dragon chests that normally has candy and fireworks. He’s a sort of winged reptilian holograph thing that I enjoy watching flap around at my heels. He’s called a “knight”, but he looks like a dragon to me. He doesn’t do anything, but that doesn’t stop me from liking him.

It’s the same with Guild Wars 2’s score system, which is a running tally of points for all the achievements you’ve completed, like your gamerscore on Xbox Live or your trophy level on the Playstation Network. The score doesn’t do anything, but that doesn’t stop me from liking it. Especially since my score is so much higher than Jason McMaster’s or Nick Diamon’s. That doesn’t necessarily mean I’m a better person than either of those guys, but it does mean I’m a more committed Guild Wars 2 player. Actually, in some circles, that probably does mean I’m a better person. Fair enough.

However, the era of your score in Guild Wars 2 not doing anything is nearly over. From this official post:

In the upcoming release, we’re adding a reward structure to achievement points. As you complete achievements and increase your achievement score, you’ll unlock new, exclusive rewards for your account. Don’t worry — the system is retroactive! Every point that you’ve earned while adventuring across Tyria will count towards exciting rewards…

The rewards includes consumables, titles, exclusive armor and weapon models, and account-wide boosts for earning resources. The reference to “the upcoming release” means the July 9th Bazaar of the Four Winds updates, at which point my score of 1390 will mean something new.