Marvel Heroes get tougher and tougher to quit

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The problem with ragequitting is that it’s hard to sustain rage, which makes it hard to sustain the quitting part. Especially when you’re trying to quit a game you really like. For instance, I had no problem quitting SimCity. I didn’t even like it enough to ragequit it. I sadquit it. Sadquitting is easy to sustain.

I ragequit Marvel Heroes because of an ill-timed server rollback (ill-timed in that I lost a rare drop). But two things brought me back in last night, both announced in an email insidiously sent to those of us who’ve played the game. The first thing is the beginning of rebalancing for almost all the characters’ skill trees. Initially, this means boosting defensive powers so characters bear up longer under attack. I’m playing Iron Man and it’s like I’m tanking. Which, frankly, feels kind of right. The patch notes include plenty of details, but since the rebalancing is an ongoing thing in its early stages, the notes convey a slightly insipid “pardon our dust/work in progress” vibe with “design notes” such as:

The Punisher has many improvements this patch and will continue to get improvements until he is extremely fun, has multiple builds and is the ultimate killing machine!


Wolverine has been training in the Danger Room and has come out much stronger. He will continue to train until he has reached the max level of fun and powerful.

Also, speaking of tanking with Iron Man, he went on sale. That was the second thing mentioned in the email. All the characters in this free-to-play game are on sale to varying degrees. It’s about time. The only thing more ridiculous than Gazillion charging $20 for Iron Man is some sucker paying $20 for Iron Man. But now that he’s on sale for $15? Heck, I spent that much seeing Iron Man 2, and I didn’t even like that movie! So now, as the owner of a level 12 Iron Man who sits inside an energy shield and lets rip with a repulsor barrage that gratifyingly melts away the bad guys, I’m keenly aware ragequitting and sheepishreturning often go hand-in-hand.