E3 critics apparently did see Titanfall

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One of the more fun lists to discuss every year after E3 is the Game Critics Best of E3 winners. This year, a lot of votes went to Titanfall, the mechs versus pilots shooter being developed by Respawn for the Xbox One and PC. It won Best of Show and also snatched up the top spots for Best Original Game, Best Console Game, Best PC Game, Best Action Game, and Best Online Multiplayer. I’m sure Major Nelson is happy that people did see Titanfall. Voting publications included The Los Angeles Times, Wired, IGN, Polygon, USA Today, CNN, Spike, and Entertainment Weekly among others.

Judges are generally Editors in Chief of major North American media outlets that have consistently covered the videogame industry and have clearly shown an interest in critically evaluating interactive entertainment. Each media outlet is allotted one slot on the judge panel. Judges are encouraged, where appropriate, to solicit the opinions of colleagues at their respective media outlets when determining the nominees and winners.

For reference, the 2012 big winner was The Last of Us, and 2011’s favorite was Bioshock Infinite. Unfortunately, the game that won the most awards in 2010 was Rage.