Sony’s 14 words that will win this console generation

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Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House closed out the Playstation 4 presentation with the following line:

Concepts like true consumer ownership and consumer trust are central to everything we do.

These words sum up how Sony cashed in on Microsoft’s ungainly fumbling as they tried to finesse various announcements about policies hostile to consumers. The words are a carefully crafted emollient that could only be made by listening to consumers, by being nimble enough to react, and by making specific and difficult decisions about whether Sony’s priorities are with consumers or with publishers. They chose consumers. By singling out the contributions of independent developers, by focusing on games over shoehorned transmedia and unnecessary proprietary interfaces, and most importantly by continuing the status quo on used games and DRM — two issues that go hand-in-hand — Sony has effectively won E3 before the doors of the show floor even opened.

The $100 cheaper price point is just gravy.