Defiance grows as TV show renewed

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Trion Worlds has announced that their MMO shooter Defiance will be getting five DLC offerings this year. The first pack, called Enter The Castithan, will enable new weapons for all players and access to Sieges which will be a new open-world game mode. People that pay $10 for the pack will additionally get access to play the Castithan Species as well as a new set of story missions. Nathan Richardsson, the executive producer, wrote that each DLC release will come with free benefits for everyone, as well as content only for players that buy the DLC.

We do our DLCs a bit differently with Defiance. Every time we do a DLC, of which we have 5 planned this year, we have a free component, a paid component and a store update. The free part is for everyone. We want people to be playing with their friends; we don’t like to isolate players.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be exclusive content in the DLCs, quite the contrary. The difference is that you can usually bring your friends with you. The catch is that they can’t directly benefit from all of it, like DLC specific loot or gain abilities.

In related news, the SyFy TV show has been picked up for another season. Thirteen new episodes will be created to air in 2014, which is good news for people that want their transmedia products to keep chugging along.