Frog Fractions just jumped to Steam

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Frog Fractions, the craziest edutainment game you can play, is now on Steam in a Game of the Decade Edition. It’s free, with some optional hat DLC. If you don’t know anything about Frog Fractions, then play it immediately and don’t read any further. Seriously. Don’t.

But what if you’ve played it already? Is there any special reason to pick this up? Spoilers ahoy!

Yes, if you played Frog Fractions, you should play it again on Steam. Not just because it’s amazing and still holds up well. You should play it because the Hop’s Iconic Cap DLC is actually another sequel for Frog Fractions. Creator Jim Crawford says the alternate reality game leading up to the release of Glittermitten Grove was Frog Fractions 2, and Glittermitten Grove was in turn Frog Fractions 3. There’s a bundle for the Frog Fractions Cinematic Universe that will get you all the games, less the ARG.