A trick of the light in Metro: Last Light

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That’s obviously a dog, right? Or is it? Uncle Misha’s shadow puppets are one of the early domestic scenes you’ll come across in Metro: Last Light. Well, as “domestic” as you can get given the survivors of an apocalypse huddled in subway tunnels. Since the Metro games largely take place in these tunnels, they get more of a pass than the usual corridor shooter for carefully parading you past scenes like this. A game like Mass Effect or Bioshock Infinite pretends to afford you the freedom to miss them.

I’m glad I didn’t miss Uncle Misha’s shadow puppets and particularly the reaction of the kids watching. Kids who don’t know what a bird is. Lovely bits of writing like this are part of what makes the Metro games worth playing. But then I watched the variety show just down the corridor from Uncle Misha. Two thumbs down. And I gave a stripper about twenty of my bullets to see if something interesting was going to happen. It didn’t. Not all domestic scenes are created equal.