10 million copies of Minecraft: Pocket Edition sold

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Mojang announced that Minecraft: Pocket Edition has sold 10 million copies. That’s a lot of wood chopping and coal mining! The post also included some details on future updates.

So… I know what you are thinking. “Yeah, 10m is cool but where is the next update?” We have been working hard on restructuring the backend of a lot of things for Minecraft – Pocket Edition to make future updates smoother. For instance, you can now change options without jumping back to the main menu. What you can also notice is that we have in one of our menues (more to come in the future) an experimental title where we will put in features that will work for more high end devices. The reason to put in in experimental is because we first want to test out features before making them default on.

Mojang is also working on Minecraft Realms, a paid subcription service that will allow players to use official servers and maintain persistent worlds.