XCOM gets declassified as The Bureau

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2K has officially announced that the first-person shooter previously known as XCOM, is now a third-person squad-based tactical shooter called The Bureau: XCOM Declassified. The gameplay change was rumored since early 2012 when the game was unexpectedly delayed. The new version of the game features the same 1960’s setting, but now places more of an emphasis on real-time squad tactics. Unlike the Firaxis-developed X-COM, 2K Marin’s game will not have pauses in the action.

There is never a frozen time, you’re always making snap decisions. To use a sports analogy: It’s more about calling audibles then huddling. We are trying to emulate the fantasy of being the squad leader out in the battlefield versus the commander sitting at the desk who has all of the time in the world observing from afar.

The Bureau was previously developed by 2K Australia when it was just XCOM. Visit the official site here.