First mystery Skullgirl nearly here!

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Skullgirls’ remarkably successful crowdfunding campaign means we’ll get Squigly, a girl with a snake in her hair, and Big Band, a saxophone in an overcoat who’s definitely not a girl. This means the game will have to be called Skullgirls and That One Guy. Note that even if you didn’t donate to the campaign, you still get the characters. The DLC is free on all platforms. You’d think that’s a terrible premise for a crowdfunding campaign, but the Skullgirls developers pulled in $829,000 for a $150,000 funding goal. They’re obviously doing something right.

Among the stretch goals were two additional characters, also free, who would be selected by the people who donated to the campaign. The voting for the first of the two additional characters has just entered its final phase and will come down to either Aeon, Annie (pictured), Eliza, and Minette, all of whom you can see here. I don’t want to influence anyone’s vote (yes I do), but Annie’s toothy rabbit, which gives her galactic themed powers, is named Sagan. That beats a bear named Tibbers any day of the week.

(Thanks anonymous!)