Sony rips the lid off God of War multiplayer

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Today’s update for God of War Ascension, a surprisingly good multiplayer game, just raised the level cap from 30 to 40. To really appreciate what this means, you have to understand that any given character actually has four levels, one for each of the gods, who are the functional equivalent of character classes. So whereas you used to have 120 levels to earn, now you have 160. Furthermore, these levels also unlock new rewards for each of the four gods, including a new item (i.e. four new items), two new relics that give you passive powers (i.e. eight new relics), and an “ultimate magic” (i.e. four “ultimate magics”). With Ascension, Sony did a great job keeping God of War relevant, and this is exactly the sort of post-release support that keeps on keeping it relevant.

Also, double xp weekend in effect, y’all!