Experts recount how videogames dodged a Presidential bullet

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Remember when Vice President Joe Biden summoned various folks to Washington to consider options for the President’s response to the shooting in Newtown? As you may recall, representatives of the videogame industry were included in the group. Gamasutra spoke briefly with two of the people present at that summit, Cheryl Olsen, the co-author of Grand Theft Childhood, and Christopher Ferguson, a clinical psychologist at Texas A&M who studies violent behavior.

According to Olsen:

[Vice President Biden] said upfront that he didn’t think the evidence he’d seen showed a link between violent video games and real life violence. And he said even if the research were to show a link, it would be a tiny influence compared to the influence of the other factors he was looking at.

Is it any surprise that the Obama Administration had an entirely reasonable perspective on the issue from the get-go?