Activision is confident David Petraeus will bounce back

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The latest fall from grace for military personnel who collaborate with videogames is David Petraeus, who just resigned as director of the CIA and appears in Black Ops 2. The two incidents aren’t related. That we know of. In Black Ops 2’s 2025 storyline, he doesn’t look a day older than 60! Furthermore, his political career has recovered nicely from that whole mess about having an affair with his biographer, because he appears as the Secretary of Defense under a President named Bosworth. A female President. Kate? As anyone from California or Minnesota could tell you, anything is possible.

UPDATE: So President Bosworth is supposed to be Hillary Clinton, as is obvious from the voice actress and character model. But unlike Petraeus, she isn’t called out by name in Black Ops 2. Whatever Activision hoped to avoid by picking and choosing among real-world political figures — did anyone care that Kissinger and McFarlane were playable characters in the original Black Ops’ zombie mode? — is now all the more notable for the fortuitous timing of Petraeus’ resignation.