The ongoing saga of one man burbling on fondly about Guild Wars 2

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Guilded, my weekly Guild Wars columns, continue apace over at Gamespy! Check out last week’s entry on the joys of cooking, and this week’s entry on what’s so great about Guild Wars 2’s storyline. Yes, Guild Wars 2 has a great storyline. Several in fact, but not the way you might expect.

The hunter Gareth makes dolyak jerky, but he’s also a single father. His wife is away making her legacy. Gareth insists she’ll be home one day with scars, stories, and trophies. The implication is that something darker has happened and he isn’t ready to acknowledge it, but the point is that he’s got his hands full watching his three kids. The last stranger he enlisted to help lost his right foot. They found it on the roof a week later. Adventures in babysitting.

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