Not all violence in Retro City Rampage is the senseless kind

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Retro City Rampage is what would happen if Rockstar had a sense of humor. And if it was the year 1988. Which it’s not, so bring a gamepad. I’m having a grand time tearing through the storyline and working my way up the leaderboard (currently #1690). So please don’t play this game much until I’ve made it into the top 1000 or so. If games that used to look like this were this good, my mind would have been blown.

Retro City itself is pretty small, but it sure is lively, especially when I’m wreaking havoc. I mostly do it for missions and points. Sometimes I do it for aesthetic reasons. In the above image, that’s me on the right. The guy on the left is wearing the same hat. How embarrassing. I had to beat him to death with a golf club.