October 8: wallet threat level red

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The new XCOM comes out this week, as well as Arkane Studio’s Thiefly RPG, Dishonored. Could this week be the peak of 2012’s holiday wallet threat?

But wait, there’s more! Atlus releases what looks like an ambitious JARPG — Japanese action RPG — for the Nintendo 3DS called Code of Princess. It’s about time I offload some of my recent action RPG habit to the DS. Cyanide transitions from Blood Bowl and Game of Thrones to Of Orcs and Men, an RPG in which you play an orc with a goblin sidekick. Kalypso releases a pirates and merchants strategy game called Port Royale 3. Fable and Harry Potter show up for the Kinect, if you’re into Fable, Harry Potter, or the Kinect as much as the actual people in the above video. All this and yet there are still only 24 hours in the day, some of which have to be spent sleeping, eating, and working?