September 17: wallet threat level loot

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Maybe you’re not getting enough loot in Diablo III and Guild Wars 2. Maybe you need more. Because that’s the thing about loot. You never have enough. So this week, you’re in luck. Borderlands 2 and Torchlight II arrive, bearing even more loot.

I won’t know anything about Borderlands 2 until I pick up a copy (i.e. midnight tonight for the Xbox 360), but I have it on good authority that Torchlight II is pretty much exactly as good as you think it will be (i.e. even better than Torchlight I). I’m not too keen on what my 24th level liked Outlander (pictured) is wearing, but gear in Torchlight II is like the weather in the South. If you don’t like it, just wait fifteen minutes. It’s also nice to play an action RPG that I can make as difficult as I want whenever I want. It lets me get ambitious by starting out on veteran and then having to dial it down a notch half way into Act II. What a nice contrast to Diablo III, which forces you through an obligatory easy playthrough before it starts getting interesting.

The HD version of Jet Set Radio will be available on Xbox Live and the Playstation Store. I have no idea whether Jet Set Radio holds up in the real world as well as it holds up in my imagination, where it’s a timeless classic. But if it doesn’t hold up — hi, Tony Hawk HD! — I’ll at least have the soundtrack.