Worst thing you’ll see all week: [REC] 3

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From a solid zombie movie to an inexplicable demonic possession retcon, the [REC] series of Spanish horror movies went from great to “huh?” in short order. Now the third movie plunges deeper into “huh?” territory by veering further from what made the first movie good. [REC] 3 opens as a wedding video, which sets an ornate stage for a zombie apocalypse. But when it arrives, it’s mostly just a big gory goof, played weakly for laughs. Perhaps the biggest laugh — and I can’t tell if it was supposed to be funny — is how [REC] 3 decides to stop being a found footage movie shortly after the zombies arrive. After all those found footage movies when you wonder why they don’t just drop the camera, someone finally decides to drop the camera.

What should have been the signature scene (pictured) as well as a cool reveal is splayed out on the box cover, so you know it’s coming. When it finally arrives, it’s not nearly as gratifying as it should have been. As the bride, the lovely Leticia Dolera doesn’t have the physicality necessary to make the scene work. The poor woman can barely lift the chainsaw. Furthermore, it doesn’t really go anywhere. If you want to see a blood-spattered bride slicing up zombies with a chainsaw, you’ll have to visit a wedding chapel in a Dead Rising game and go to town. [REC] 3 will just disappoint you.

[REC] 3 is available on video on demand.