August 6: wallet threat level green

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If you’re enough of a fighting game fan to know BlazBlue, you might consider this week an elevated wallet threat for the release of Persona 4 Arena. I can’t imagine the average Persona fan caring much about characters from the JRPG series appearing in a new fighting game. But I can imagine BlazBlue followers wanting to see what developer Arc System is doing next.

Scribblenaut developer 5th Cell’s next game might normally be a cause for an elevated wallet threat. But Hybrid looks like as bog standard a shooter as they come. Multiplayer, online, cover, space marines, zzzzz…

The excellent Payday: The Heist gets a $10 download called the Wolfpack. It adds two new heists, a new skill track, a sentry gun, and a grenade launcher. If ever a game needed a grenade launcher, it’s Payday, what with how all those cops love to clump up.