Drox Operative pre-drops

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Any self-respecting fan of action RPGs knows that you don’t have to play the AAA titles to get an immensely satisfying action RPG fix. In fact, the games made by Steven Peeler’s Soldak Entertainment offer things you can’t get in Diablo, Sacred, or Torchlight. Depths of Peril features a cool political system and Din’s Curse features dungeons that fight back. Soldak’s upcoming Drox Operative will bring these sorts of elements to a dynamic, open-world, sci-fi, space-based action RPG.

According to the game’s website, Drox Operative will be released either in the first quarter of 2012 or “when it’s done”. You can see how that turned out. But now you can check out Drox Operative for yourself by pre-ordering, which will let you play the beta.