The return of Tom vs. Bruce

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My entire career as a writer has been based on talking about games as a shared experience. We play games, singly or in groups, and then we talk with each other about them. In that way, they are no different than movies, music, or books. In that way, they are more than the self-contained experience of actually playing them. In that way, they are clearly art. Ugh, I just said that, didn’t I?

I was fortunate enough to get to write about games collaboratively with Bruce Geryk for many years in Computer Gaming World. The series was called Tom vs. Bruce. It started out as a way for me and a buddy to do strategy guides together, but it turned into something else entirely. You can find out a lot about a game from listening to one guy talk or write. But what about two guys, turning their experience with a game into a story?

Bruce and I would like to keep writing Tom vs. Bruce. And we’d like your help. If you’re not Kickstartered out — and who could blame you if you are? — go here to find out more. With your support, we expect to start monthly episodes of Tom vs. Bruce starting later this summer.

Also, T-shirts! We promise they won’t be black and they’ll be designed by someone who knows what she’s doing.