Mass Effect 3 protest demonstrates the power of the power switch

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Time was a protest was an easy thing. You just showed up at the designated spot and it sort of happened. Then you went home and waited for the US to get out of Vietnam or whatever. But these days, you have to take a more active role, such as posting on message boards or signing online petitions. Let’s say you want a better ending in Mass Effect 3. If you want to join the latest demand that Electronic Arts, uh, fix the ending — whatever that may mean — you need to turn on your copy of Mass Effect 3 on a particular day, and then turn it off, and not turn it back on for at least a day. I think you also have to Tweet a Tweet. You’re also supposed to claim you’re not going to buy the DLC, no siree!, even though you know you will. It’s a pretty involved process. The details are available here. Oops, wrong link. I think this is the right one.

Since I was okay with the ending of Mass Effect 3 — it was about as good as the rest of the series! — I’m instead going to protest the beginning of Mass Effect 3. On May 7th, join me in not playing Mass Effect 3 to send a message to Electronic Arts that we demand they make that toy spaceship look more fakey.