Elder Sign: Omens’ epic loot

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Call of Cthulhu is the $3 in-app purchase that adds a new campaign to Elder Sign: Omens, along with some new gameplay mechanics. This gameplay is most prominent during the second half of the campaign, when you sail out into the Pacific Ocean on the cargo ship Ultima Thule. There you’ll encounter an entirely new set of adventures and tasks, often with new gimmicks. Thrilling heartbreaking new gimmicks.

After the jump, what Bob found — and lost — in the Pacific

Bob Jenkins is a salesman. His special ability is to get an extra common item when he finds common items. In other words, he piles commonness onto commonness. Bob is easily one of the most boring guys ever to plumb the eldritch mysteries of the ancient gods. Your team might consist of an interdimensional travelling psychic, a pistol packing archaeologist/adventurer, a daring acrobat, and Bob. Bob from sales. Bob Jenkins. Bob.

I’m committed to a team of random investigators every time I play Elder Sign: Omens, so sometimes Bob is on the team. In my last game, Bob discovered something new. While tracking down the three relics I need to beat the Call of Cthulhu campaign — I have no idea what happens when you find them, because I continue to lose, as befits any attempt to stop Cthulhu — Bob discovered a relic. Normally a relic just slides neatly into one of three slots that sit in the upper right corner of the main map, where you can see how close you are to getting all three. But Bob discovered that sometimes a relic is something you can actually use, something that drops into your inventory, something like epic loot in an MMO. Bob completed a task and on the reward screen, I saw a light blue icon. Light blue? I’ve never seen a light blue inventory item before! What does that mean?

Checking Bob’s inventory, I discovered a lightning gun. It will instantly destroy all monsters at a location. I’ve used plenty of Bind Monster spellbooks to destroy monsters singly, but I’ve never been able to wipe them all out at once. A lightning gun! Suddenly Bob was my most powerful monster killer. Bob from sales! A deep one and a shoggoth were squatting obscenely over another relic I needed to collect. They were in for a surprise. Little did they know Bob from sales was going to show up next time his turn rolled around. Sparks were going to fly.

But then midnight rolled around. And right before midnight, Raging Storm popped up to replace the adventure I’d just completed. You might think a raging storm is no big deal, but take a look at that picture up there. Now that’s what I call a rogue wave. And one of the new gameplay gimmicks is the midnight effect for Raging Storm: if you don’t resolve the storm before the midnight phase, every investigator loses a random inventory item.

You can see where this is going, right? Since the Raging Storm popped up immediately before the midnight phase, I didn’t even get a chance to try to resolve it. And sure enough, along with Gloria’s whiskey, Vincent’s Flesh Ward, and Amanda’s knife, Bob’s lightning gun was swept out to sea. Bob was once more just Bob from sales. Bob Jenkins. Elder Sign: Omens giveth, Elder Sign: Omens taketh away.

I ended up losing that campaign as well. But at least Bob can say he got his hands on a lightning gun. An anecdote like that is sure to help sell brushes.