April 16: wallet threat level deja vu

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Did you play The Witcher 2 last year? You should have. If you didn’t, or even if you did, this week you can play the Enhanced Edition on the PC or the Xbox 360. Because isn’t it time we all moved on from Mass Effect 3?

Also “new” this week is Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat, the suitably subtitled re-release of two previous Deadly Warrior games. The Playstation Vita gets Disgaea 3, which was already released for the PS3 and is the only option for Vita owners who want their portable Disgaea. Thanks to Sony’s approach to backwards compatibility (i.e. “What’s backwards compatibility?”), your UMDs of Disgea 2 are no good here. Trials Evolution for the 360 is the sequel to Trials HD, which doesn’t seem to have a lot of wiggle room for new gameplay. Isn’t the latest-gen Excite Bike market on the 360 tapped out since Trials HD and Joe Danger?

The really new thing this week is Botanicula (pictured), the new and squishier game from the folks who made Machinarium, an adventure game about robots.