Steel Battalion: Kinect is even more confusing that you’d think

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The latest trailer for Steel Battalion: Kinect sure does look nifty for a game I’ll never play (the Qt3 offices are Kinectless). But what an awful way to cut together game footage. It’s like those scenes in Lost when a hapless Desmond is yanked around in time. You’re looking down a quiet country road, but as soon as you fire your guns, you’re in a raging battle. Pop the hatch and now you’re in a narrow alleyway. Raise the binoculars and you’re raiding a depot. Shift into high speed and it’s suddenly night time. If the message is that Steel Battalion: Kinect is going to be confusing, mission accomplished!

My favorite part of the trailer is my own little inside joke. At one point, the narrator explains the escape hatch by saying, “We don’t want a repeat of last time”. I think I speak for all Steel Battalion fans when I say, no, we sure don’t.