Boom Blox Bash Party diagnosed with terminal Electronic Artsism

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In the latest round of server shutdowns from Electronic Arts, Boom Blox Bash Party’s online support is on the chopping block. One of the best games you can play on the Nintendo Wii will no longer work online as of April 13th. It’s bad enough to shut down games like Burnout: Revenge, The Godfather II, and Saboteur because there aren’t many people playing them online, which means there aren’t many people who would care. But it’s another thing entirely to shut down a game like Boom Blox Bash Party that’s partly based on players creating content for other players to download. So get online levels while you still can, because they won’t be there in a month. Imagine if Sony shut down Little Big Planet. Which Electronic Arts is effectively imitating by also shutting down support for Create, a decent puzzle creation kit based on player-made content.