Shank 2’s helicopter boss surprise

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At the end of one of the levels in Shank 2, a lively and challenging grindhouse cartoon platformer/brawler, you’re pretty obviously headed for a boss battle against a helicopter. Which is a shame, because I have yet to fight a boss battle against a helicopter that wasn’t awful. If I never have to fight another helicopter, that’s fine by me. But I eventually figured out the flamethrower boss battle in Shank 2’s previous level. I’m sure I can handle yet another helicopter boss battle.

So first you have to run along the level and dodge the helicopter’s missiles (pictured). And then you get to the part where you have to fight the actual helicopter and — surprise! — it’s a cutscene. And as if that weren’t a pleasant enough surprise, the cutscene that follows is another boss battle that’s absolutely precious in Shank’s distinctive grindhouse cartoon way. Suffice to say Shank would win in a fight between a beefy taciturn action hero reluctantly championing a plucky rebel group and a shark.