Swedish pinball maker likes Big Daddy more than Pip Boy

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One year ago, a fellow in Sweden writing under the name rasmadrak announced that he was going to blog his attempt to make a pinball machine in his living room. The blog continued apace, often with a lot of technical details about electronics and woodwork and circuits and various other things that pinball fans care about nearly as much as movie fans care about emulsion techniques. Several months later, he announced that it would be a Fallout themed table. Ooh, that’s pretty cool! Maybe not cool enough to actually make me want to go to Sweden and knock on his door, but still pretty cool.

But you know what’s cooler? He changed his mind shortly thereafter and now he’s building it as a Bioshock themed table.

It’s really the perfect “replacement” for the original theme – the art deco is there, the decadence and all the major game elements could almost directly be translated into a Bioshock feature…The old theme was based on the early Fallout games! Also a setting very dear to me, but it was really hard to find high resolution images to use and the color palette was mostly brown-isch. With Bioshock, I’m allowed to use blue, red, green, pink, purple etc without it getting weird. It all fits together really nicely.

He still hasn’t tipped his hand about the table layout, but you can see he’s got a Big Daddy figure with a rotating drill and green, yellow, or red lights depending on its hostility state. From bits of the table art, it also seems to have a reference to Big Sisters, Rapture’s disastrous New Years Eve celebration, and the option to harvest or rescue Little Sisters. Rasmadrak read my mind! Or vice versa.

Anyone know where I can get a cheap plane ticket to Stockholm?

(Thanks Robert Bjarmyr!)