Gaming with Children: Sims Saturday

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The weekend is time to play The Sims. Only in real life. I’m cleaning the house, doing the laundry, helping with the shopping, rake some leaves, mow a lawn, play with the kids, make dinner, watch a movie, maybe fornicate with the wife (even that is rare to do with kids), make breakfast, clean some more, drop my son back home, pick up my mother-in-law to watch the kids for Monday. Weekends are fun for the family, but suck for gaming. The only thing holding me together, besides a bottle of wine, is that by Sunday, I can see Monday.

With all that free time you’d think you would have a chance to really spend a few hours gaming. But you don’t. One kid goes to dance class, the other to karate lessons. The little one needs to be fed and diaper changed, etc., etc., etc. Even when there’s down time you really can’t start anything, because you never know when a kid will need assistance, or they get into a fight, or want to have a tea party. You’re basically a glorified butler. After they’ve all gone to bed, I’d love to play League of Legends, but I’m exhausted. Kids are like energy vampires. I love ’em, but my day job is easier than this.

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