Is NASA suppressing Richard Garriott’s made-in-space film debut?

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That’s not Richard Garriott up there, but I can’t show you a still from the sci-fi movie he wrote, directed, and starred in. No one can. Because NASA has put the kibosh on it, unlike the movie Apollo 18, which accuses NASA of spreading sentient moonrocks around the world in a bid for, uh, world domination? I’m not clear on that part of the movie Apollo 18, which wasn’t written by, directed by, or starring Richard Garriott, but it did take place in space. The difference is that Garriott’s movie was actually shot in space during his $30 million stint as a space tourist.

Garriott’s space movie is news to me. I know he was promoting whatever that MMO was at the time that had his name attached. But he also made an eight-minute short, starring himself and some local talent (i.e. astronauts). However, NASA hasn’t given him clearance to, I dunno, post it on YouTube or whatever he would do with it. Garriott insists NASA doesn’t have ulterior motives, and he speculates that it’s just a matter of the levity not being appropriate. But that’s exactly what he would say if he was trying to deflect suspicion from an organization spreading sentient moonrocks in a bid for world domination that didn’t want their plot inadvertently exposed by something you might be able to see in the background of Garriott’s footage.