Star Wars: The Old Republic: always bet on dark

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The Old Republic has the same sense of morality that’s present in the other Bioware games. The choices you make often give you light or dark side points. These points are combined, light subtracting from dark, etc, to give you an overall score. For instance, Willy has 3,900 points towards the dark side because I have 250 light side points and 4,150 dark side points.

Morality has never been so easy!

After the jump, diplomatic immunity… revoked

Some equipment you use in-game is based on your current dark or light tier, but otherwise I’m not all that positive about its effect on the game. Certain companions lean one way or the other, but it’s not like they’re going to run out on you if they don’t like your evil streak. So it really comes down to how you like to present yourself as a character.

Earlier in this series, I said I play bad guys a lot, but that’s not entirely true. I usually play an anti-hero. I like to think of them as people who do bad guy things to get good guy results.

Add to this that games are often framed for good guy players, whether it offers the choice or not. I usually like to play along. Not so, this time. In Star Wars: The Old Republic I wasn’t as interested in playing a Jedi because, frankly, they’re kind of boring.

I like to think of the light and dark sides in terms I believe we can all relate to: Lethal Weapon.

When I play as Willy, my Sith Warrior, I know some hell is going to break loose. It does for the Jedi as well, but not in the same manner. You see, as a Jedi, you represent calm, order and reason. It’s kind of like playing as Roger Murtaugh. Does anyone ever remember thinking Murtaugh was a loose cannon? No, of course not. Total badass who discharges his service revolver in the air and screams? Nope.

You know who does? Martin fucking Riggs, that’s who. To that end,Willy is Martin Riggs.

Then you take one of my other characters, the Jedi Knight named Rick. Rick is a stand up guy who believes in the light side of the force and sees the wisdom in virtue. You know, a douche.

Anyway, Rick goes into a situation thinking about how he can disarm tension and aid the side of good. That sounds great, it really does, but it takes way too long to play out. You have to get down into the heart of the problem and really work all that bad karma out of there! And heaven forbid there be any actual bloodshed. The paperwork is killer.

Put Willy in the same situation and you have a whole other ordeal. Willy goes in with the mindset of “I’m going to get what I want and I’ll kill or torture anyone who gets in my way.” Now that’s a can-do attitude! Given the breaks, Willy will be in and out of a situation in 15 minutes, tops. It’s that sort of efficiency that topples republics. I want that man on my team.

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