If you’re tired of the Mediterranean, Arma III is going to the South Pacific

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That’s Tanoa, the new fictional playground coming to Arma III. Bohemia Interactive presented the trailer for the new terrain during the E3 PC Gaming Show. The developers have released some more tidbits. First, the island of Tanoa is going to be a premium expansion that requires purchase unless you bought the Supporter version of Arma III that included “all” DLC. Second, the 100 square kilometer island is inspired by Fiji. It’s not an exact recreation, but certain geographic elements and the character of the location is being used as a blueprint. Third, vehicles and other equipment including a new fixed-wing aircraft and a waterscooter are coming with the terrain. Finally, Bohemia is working on improvements like better water reflections, lighting, and shoreline interactions. These engine improvements will be coming to every Arma III owner, even if they don’t buy the DLC.

Arma III’s Tanoa expansion is a work-in-progress and is scheduled for release in 2016.