Superhero MMO DC Universe Online will add a little DIY online

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What the heck kind of MMO doesn’t have crafting? DC Universe Online. Until today, that is. The latest update added “Research & Development”.

…decide what kind of item you wish to create. Equipment Mods can be socketed into gear for powerful benefits, and various Consumables will lend you bonuses for short durations of time. Plans for the creation of either can be found throughout the world or purchased at new Research and Development vendors.

Once you have learned the appropriate plan, collect the necessary components, including Exobytes, and assemble the new item at a Research and Development station. Equipment Mods come in various colors which, when matched with similarly colored sockets on your gear, can provide even further bonuses and power.

As a fan of DC Universe Online, I think this is a great idea. One of the strengths and weaknesses of this game is that you can get to the level cap pretty quickly. This means it’s relatively easy to get to the endgame content. But it also means that satisfying sense of advancement comes to a halt and you’re left grinding instances for bits and pieces of raid gear. A good crafting system, especially when it relates directly to the player’s equipment, is a great alternate track of advancement once character leveling slows or stops. See, for instance, the legendary items in Lord of the Rings Online or the modular weapon system in Star Wars: Old Republic.

The new R&D system is part of Update 8, which went live today.