Star Wars: The Old Republic: letters from camp

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The first group of levels in the Old Republic is what you’d expect from an MMO: familiarization and training. To that end, instead of discussing the academy in depth, I’m going to show you a letter my character wrote to his parents towards the end of his stay on Korriban.

After the jump, the epistle

Dear Mom and Dad,

First of all, I’m doing OK! My first couple of days were rough, but everything is coming along nicely now. Jarnel tried to kill me while I was searching for an artifact in one of the tombs, but I heard him coming and beheaded him after a short fight. I’ve made a few new friends here, other than Jarnel, but they seem to be dropping fast. I met a girl that’s really cool but the overseer strangled her to death on the second day. I always fall for the wrong ones. :(

Speaking of the overseer, he was very helpful and even set up some trials for me that most students don’t get. Some of the others have noticed and are a bit jealous, but we aren’t known for being fair, are we? One of them even tried to kill me in the hallway the other day but I beat him to death and left him as a warning to the others. Not that they’ll listen!

Overseer Tremel seems to think I’m the best chance we’ve got of stopping the mixed bloods from running the whole show. According to him, the Sith were mating with their slaves over the centuries, making our blood much more valuable and strong than the average Sith. That’s why I’m so red!

Darth Baras asked me to…let Overseer Tremel “go.” I wouldn’t expect to see him at our social gatherings much any more. I was a bit sad after the fact, but don’t tell! Sith aren’t supposed to care, and if someone found out that I feel a touch of remorse, it would be over.

One of my favorite activities so far has been helping root out the traitors in our ranks. I was given a database of their names and faces and was tasked with striking them down. Striking down, as you know, is my favorite thing to do and I jumped at the opportunity. The people in charge of the purge said they’d mention me to the Emperor! Can you imagine?

OK, I have to get ready to go tend to my master’s evil bidding so I’m going to stop here. I hope you are well. I’ll try to come home for a visit when my training is complete, but no promises.

Love, Darth (soon!) Willy

P.S.: Thanks for the Laffy Taffy!

P.P.S.: Keep Ricky out of my room.

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