Star Wars: The Old Republic: the power of the Dark Side

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When it comes down to video game morality choices, I usually skew towards the bad guys. Not because I’m the kind of guy that wants to go on a killing spree, but because I like the freedom evil affords. If someone is a dick to you and you’re a good guy, you usually turn the other cheek. A Sith will stab you in the face. Which would you prefer to deal with?

After the jump, you’re going to deal with the Sith face stabbing

With this in mind, I rolled up my first character. Since I was in early, I had a pretty decent list of names to pick from. What says “ultimate evil?” Darth Evil? I doubt that’s available. After a few different attempts, I settle on Willy. Darth Willy. Doesn’t it just make you shiver with terror?

My mouse pointer hovers near the “play” button and, in my mind at least, the music swells to a crescendo. The reign of Darth Willy, overlord of the threevil guild, is about to begin. Oh, and yes, it’s supposed to be threevil. We’re so evil we don’t capitalize proper nouns.

My character is made. We’re ready to go. An imperial shuttle lands and I step off, greeted by a sour little man. The planet Korriban is the Sith home world and the training planet for the Sith Warrior and Sith Inquisitor classes. It sits in stark contrast to the lush, green Jedi starting world of Tython. Much like the Sith, Korriban is cruel and savage, a world that requires constant alertness if you don’t want to become part of another unpleasant strata in the planet’s history.

The Sith Warrior quest line is quite different from that of the Sith Inquisitor. As the Warrior, you start off in a position of respect, though that’s certainly debatable. My first mission is to find a more suitable weapon for a Sith Warrior of my stature. To complete this mission, I descend into a tomb filled with wild beasts, looters, and the restless spirits of the long dead.

There are many Sith graves on Korriban and I don’t plan on counting mine among them. With the goal of survival in mind, I walk into the ancient burial grounds of some of the most evil men and women to ever live.

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