Will Wright’s word soup

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Far be it from me to question the genius of Will Wright. The guy has more insight into the art of game design in his little finger than I have in my twenty years of leveling up clerics, Forza cars, and FAMASes. But when he reveals his latest project, HiveMind, as follows:

…a group of cross-platform, cross-media online applications…designed to turn a gamer’s everyday life into part of the interactive experience by building upon Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) and tapping into streams of personal information on phones, tablets, social networks and computers.

I have no idea what to make of that. My brain shuts down about half way through the description. Whatever a buffer overflow is, I think that’s what happens in my head when I try to read through those words. You’d have better luck trying to explain the third law of thermodynamics to my cat.

You can read more in this perfunctory Q&A, but I don’t recommend it. It’ll just confuse you even more.