Qt3 Games Podcast: in a Cosmos far far away

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Tom “I hate free-to-play” Chick proclaims his love for a free-to-play game, Jason “What’s Cosmos?” McMaster throws down some serious trash talk at Carl Sagan, and our guest Tim “Union Carbide” Smith breaks all the rules and goes a little crazy by bringing up Playboy magazine articles, NASCAR driver Peter Soderbergh (not his real name), and some Star Wars MMO that surely no one is sick of hearing about by now. And just when you thought you’d heard it all, special guest Rob, a.k.a. “Repo Man”, explains just how dorky things can get when he and six other grown men convene in a basement in Seattle to try to fly a spaceship.

If you’d like to check out our posts of the week, Tom chose this liveblogged starship simulator session, McMaster chose this Josh Bycer article on difficulty levels, and Tim chose this profile of the guy who will bring us a new Cosmos.